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How awesome is it when business is kept super simple, with everything you need right at your fingertips?

Here’s a list of all my services currently on offer.  It’s arranged into clear categories and ordered by price (low to high).

Have a browse through and if you can’t find what you are looking for contact me for a chat.


Drive your success with actionable solutions in 90 minutes.  Book a 90-minute strategy session with me for a personalised plan to supercharge your business growth.

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Imagine setting aside the daily buzz to focus laser-sharp attention on what matters most – your business growth and potential.

Spend the day with me, diving deep into your business, untangling your thoughts, exploring different angles, and exciting opportunities.

We’ll map everything out so you have a clear plan and feel confident to implement the changes to move forward.

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Transform your business with personalised one-to-one support and actionable strategies over 90 days.

Imagine the remarkable transformation your business can undergo by consistently showing up with boundless energy and focus over the next few months.  It’s so exciting to think of all the extraordinary possibilities that lie ahead!

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Inject clarity and confidence into your social media marketing with my Instagram Audit.

Designed for the busy entrepreneur, this audit is the ideal starting point to gain clear insights into the effectiveness of your Instagram activity.

The audit will pinpoint immediate areas for improvement, offer tailored feedback, and outline actionable steps to not only enhance your Instagram presence but also to align with your business goals, attract your ideal client, and ultimately, increase your profits and boost your online visibility.

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Are your content ideas running dry? Is the pressure to post quality content and connect with new and potential customers leaving you feeling uninspired? The 90-minute Instagram Content Session is your creative spark. Together, we’ll clear the confusion and develop a high-level, effective content plan.

Imagine having a social media content plan that aligns with your vision and is ready for engagement. With our session, the days of procrastinating on your marketing are over.  You’ll get the expertise to supercharge your content creation, allowing you to post with purpose and consistency.

This session is a perfect fit for those ready to take control of their social media narrative. You bring your passion and together we will develop a plan brimming with tailored content. You’ll walk away with all the ingredients you need: formats, design suggestions, engaging captions, and calls to action.  It’s more than just a plan; it’s a framework for boosting engagement and transforming your feed into consistent, high-quality content that converts.

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It’s time to turn up the heat and glow up your brand with the Bespoke Canva Templates service. You’ll get 10 eye-catching templates designed to flaunt your brand content effortlessly on your social media channels – and wow your audience like never before.

To kickstart the magic, we begin with a 30-minute Zoom call to dive deep into your business goals and template preferences.  Armed with your brand assets (colours, fonts, images and product names) I design templates that align seamlessly with your brand identity.

The templates are hosted on Canva, so you’re free to duplicate, tweak, and customise in the future.

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Are you the internet’s best-kept secret? 

You’ve got all these amazing ideas but hit a wall when it comes to bringing them to life.  That’s precisely where I step in, shaping your Instagram strategy.  It’s about ensuring that when people see your feed, they stop, follow, engage and invest in your vision.  Simple, right?

Bid farewell to the guesswork of marketing your business on Instagram. The Instagram Strategy Package swiftly turns intention into action. We dive deep into the heart of your brand to develop a bespoke strategy that aligns seamlessly with your business goals and target audience. With this comprehensive plan, you’ll gain the focus and clarity needed to showcase your brand effectively, ensuring that every post, story, and reel amplifies your online impact.

Imagine the luxury of having dynamic, engaging content at your fingertips, ready to roll out and keep your audience captivated. This isn’t just about staying consistent – it’s about saving you hours every week while elevating your content game. This package promises a content plan for the next three months, along with the strategic know-how to execute it effectively. That way, you maintain a powerful presence on Instagram that speaks directly to your customers, keeping them hooked and coming back for more.

From awareness to conversion, the Social Media Strategy Package is designed to build and enhance your brand. We’re not just creating content, we’re designing experiences that attract new clients and enrich the journey for your existing audience. We’ll set you up with tools and techniques to measure success and growth.  Expect to expand your reach as we establish the foundations for a strategy that not only increases sales but also leads to significant results.

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Are you fed up with applying for jobs and not hearing back?

You’ve got all the skills and experience but struggle to secure an interview. 

Stop wondering if your CV reflects the best of your skills and experiences – let’s make sure it does!

With my professional insight, I’ll highlight what’s not working and show you how to fix it.

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The Interview Success Sprint is your 90-minute power-up, delivering a concentrated blast of interview techniques and professional recruitment insider know-how that give you a competitive edge.

Tailored for the ambitious and the ready, this is an intensive session aimed at transforming you into the standout candidate you’re meant to be.  Together, we’ll uncover simple yet effective ways to boost your confidence and ensure you truly shine in your next interview.

Quick, punchy, and brimming with actionable feedback – it’s the ultimate prep for professionals determined to stand out and secure their dream job.

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This is for you if you are done with trying to craft the perfect CV and want to leave it in the hands of an expert recruitment professional.

We start with a zoom call to discuss your strengths, experience, skills and career amibitions & goals.  I will then create a bespoke CV, tailored to your target roles.

Early Career CV (inclusive of up to five years experience) £195

Professional CV (Five+ years of experience, up to senior level management roles) £295

Senior Professional CV (Senior level management/ specialist roles) £395

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Drive your success with actionable solutions in 90 minutes.  Book a 90-minute strategy session with me for a personalised plan.

The Power90 Strategy Session is designed for Business or Career growth.

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As a Recruitment Consultant, I partner with organisations of all sizes, offering tailored services to streamline their recruitment processes.  I provide comprehensive support to optimise your recruitment strategy, covering every aspect of talent acquisition.  This includes writing detailed job descriptions, developing assessment processes, conducting interviews and facilitating hiring decisions. 

With my expertise, your organisation can attract top talent efficiently and effectively, ensuring a seamless recruitment experience from start to finish.

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Flodesk is the ultimate all-in-one email marking and digital sales tool, designed to elevate your brand effortlessly.  It’s super easy to use and I love it! 

With its user-friendly interface and stunning templates, Flodesk simplifies the process of creating and sending on-brand marketing emails.  You can also use Flodesk to generate opt-in forms to expand your mailing list and develop powerful automations.  Plus, it offers beautiful sales pages to promote and sell your courses, digital products, or services online.

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PolicyBee provide insurance for small businesses. 

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