My Story


My business story began in 1992 when at 16 years old, I joined the corporate world.

New corporations, company mergers, constant re-organisations, and the emergence of new departments and leaders became the norm.

It was a whirlwind of change, but I quickly learnt the essential qualities of resilience, ambition, growth, and success.

I spent my early days in HR, followed by a long tenure in R&D before moving to Facilities Management & Operations.

As I progressed, the roles brought excitement, opportunity, responsibility, and personal growth.

Failure was never an option.  I was a high-achiever, and constantly striving to deliver projects to the highest standard.

In 2013, a significant decision by the company changed the course of my career.

An announcement of a move from Cheshire to Cambridge turned my world upside down – this was a change I was not willing to make. My life in Cheshire was non-negotiable!

Undeterred, I set out a vision, goals, and personal strategy, armed myself with new qualifications, and in 2016 I landed a hybrid role working between Cheshire and Cambridge in the newly formed Operations Team.

I had responsibility for recruiting the leadership team and department, whilst also setting up the project management office and overseeing the operational service readiness for the new $1.3 billion Research & Development Centre. It was an extraordinary opportunity that brought both immense challenges and unparalleled success resulting in an iconic, world-class scientific facility being successfully delivered. It was a (much) larger scale version of building and growing a small business.


I'm no different to you...

I’m here to inspire you to follow your dreams and transform your life, whether that’s in building your own business or advancing your career.

Leanne x

By 2022 I’d achieved everything I set out to achieve - but I wasn’t happy.

The long commute, the feeling of being undervalued, and the exhaustion from working excessively long hours had led to burnout.  It wasn’t the life I wanted. It was time for change, to pull on my big girl pants and plan my exit strategy, leaving the corporate world behind after thirty years. 

This marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

Admittedly, it wasn’t my first rodeo… in 2021, I started a successful business with my husband, which quickly grew to six figures and continues to thrive today.

My Values


I inspire you to dream big, trust in your potential and believe in yourself wholeheartedly.


I empower you to be true to who you really are, by being open, honest and transparent.


I encourage you to get out of your own way and open your mind to new possibilities, opportunities and growth.


I champion equality by valuing and respecting your opinions and ensuring you are treated fairly, with compassion and support.

“What if I fall?” Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?

Erin Hanson